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      Common Merganser

      Scientific Name: Mergus merganser

      Classification: Anseriformes Anatidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: body length 54-71 cm, wingspan 86 cm, weight 900-2160g

      You can look for this kind of bird by the river. They are excellent divers.


      White Eared-pheasant

      Scientific Name: Crossoptilon crossoptilon

      Classification: Galliformes Phasianidae

      Protection Class: National Class II

      Size: male body length 69-100cm, weight 1017-300g; female body length 73-102cm, weight 1250-2050g.

      Very commonly seen in the valley. Large flocks can often be sighted along the roadside. Their calls can be heard in the morning and afternoon.

      白馬雞 張蓉芝 2020.11.jpg

      Buff-throated Partridge

      Scientific Name: Tetraophasis szechenyii

      Classification: Galliformes Phasianidae

      Protection Class: National Class I

      Size: body length 29-50 cm

      One may look for its signature call in the early morning. They often appear in pairs or groups in the forest.


      Tibetan Partridge

      Scientific Name: Perdix hodgsoniae

      Classification: Galliformes Phasianidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: body length 28-31 cm, weight 294-450g

      Very common in the Valley, and not far from where people live, and sometimes they are not afraid of people. One can pay attention to their calls.


      Himalayan Vulture

      Scientific Name: Gyps himalayensis

      Classification: Accipitriforme Accipitridae

      Protection Class: National Class II

      Size: body length 103-110cm, wingspan 260-290cm, weight 8000-12000g

      Very commonly seen in the valley. When they are seen, it may mean that an animal has been recently hunted by a predator. They will hover in the sky or rest on the cliffs.

      高山兀鷲 李語秋 2021.1.jpg


      Scientific Name: Gypaetus barbatus

      Classification: Accipitriforme Accipitridae

      Protection Class: National Class I

      Size: body length 94-125 cm, wingspan 231-283 cm, weight 4500-7100g

      Very commonly seen in the valley. They will hover high above the ground in search of food. The lammergeier has a distinctive tail, so it can be easily recognised.

      胡兀鷲 李語秋 2020.12.jpg

      Golden Eagle

      Scientific Name: Aquila chrysaetos

      Classification: Accipitriforme Accipitridae

      Protection Class: National Class I

      Size: body length 70-84cm, wingspan 185-220cm, weight 3000-6125g

      Inhabits in the Valley. When soaring, their wings resemble a V-shape.


      Steppe Eagle

      Scientific Name: Aquila nipalensis

      ClassificationAccipitriforme Accipitridae

      Protection ClassNational Class I

      Size: body length 60-81cm, wingspan 165-214cm, male weight 2000-3500g, female weight 2300-4900g

      Migrant birds in Valley.


      Saker Falcon

      Scientific Name: Falco cherrug

      Classification: Falconiformes Falconidae

      Protection Class: National Class I

      Size: body length 45-57cm, wingspan 97-126cm, male weight 730-990g, female weight 970-1300g

      Fairly common resident.  A powerful falcon often seen soaring over mountain ridges or sitting on prominent perches from where it looks for pika!


      Common Kestrel

      Scientific Name: Falco tinnunculus

      Classification: Falconiformes Falconidae

      Protection ClassNational Class II

      Size: body length 27-35cm, male weight 136-252g, female weight 154-314g

      Common in the Valley.

      紅隼 李語秋 2021.1.jpg


      Scientific Name: Ibidorhyncha struthersii

      Classification: Charadriiformes Recurvirostridea

      Protection Class: National Class II

      Size: body length 39-41cm, wingspan 74cm, weight 270-320g

      Sometimes seen along the fast-flowing rivers, especially in stony areas.


      Common Cuckoo

      Scientific Name: Cuculus canorus bakeri

      Classification: Cuculiformes  Cuculidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: body length 32-34cm, male weight 114-133g, female weight 106-112g

      Very common in summer.  Listen for its distinctive “cuck-oo” call.


      Common Hoopoe

      Scientific Name: Upupa epops

      ClassificationBucerotiformes Upupidae

      Protection ClassN/A

      Size: body length 19-32cm

      Common summer visitor.


      Large-billed Crow

      Scientific Name: Corvus macrorhynchos

      Classification: Passeriformes Corvidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: body length 46-59cm, wingspan 100-130cm, weight 450-1000g

      A common resident bird in the valley.


      Black-rumped Magpie

      Scientific NamePica pica bottanensis

      Classification: Passeriformes Corvidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: male body length 46-50cm, female body length 52-60cm, weight 200-270g

      A commonly seen bird in the Valley.

      藏喜鵲 李語秋 2020.11.jpg

      Hill Pigeon

      Scientific Name: Columba rupestris

      Classification: Columbiformes Columbidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: body length 31-35cm.

      A commonly seen bird in the Valley.

      巖鴿 韓雪松.jpg

      Snow Pigeon

      Scientific NameColumba leuconota

      Classification: Columbiformes Columbidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: body length 31-34cm, weight 255-307g

      Regular at higher elevations; probably breeds.

      雪鴿 李語秋 2021.5.jpg

      Grey-headed Woodpecker

      Scientific Name: Picus canus

      Classification: Piciformes Picidae

      Protection Class: N/A

      Size: body length 28-33cm, weight 110-206g

      Common resident.  Listen for its laughing call.


      Tibetan Bunting

      Scientific Name: Emberiza koslow

      Classification: Passeriformes Emberizidae

      Protection Class: National Class II

      Size: body length 16cm, weight 25g

      Scarce resident on the higher open areas with low bushes.

      藏鹀 武亦乾 2.jpg

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